What can we help you with?

Solvencia is a debt collecting agency in Norway working with several different clients in various industries.

We offer a wide range of services within debt collection and claims.

You can log into your account to see and pay any of your cases. If you have any questions we provide frequently asked questions below, or feel free to contact us.

You can log in to My Account and get access to invoices, notices and details about your case by email.

If you wish to pay using a bank outside of Norway you must use IBAN and SWIFT.

IBAN: NO1760050657011
Bank-country: Nordea-NO

Note that payments from non Norwegian banks may take longer than normal.

We do not allow visitors at our offices, but we will gladly help you by phone, our contact form or Min Side.

Get in touch, and we will help you to the best of our ability.

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